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How To Blanch Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are the key ingredient in every recipe. You are going to make soup, sauce, Italian dishes or any other, tomato is the essential part of all of them. You can’t deny the worth of a tomato.

Blanching tomatoes is one of the versatile techniques you must use while cooking. It is otherwise difficult to peel off the tomato’s skin with the help of a knife. So blanching is a very easy or quick way to peel off the skin of tomatoes. This technique adds more taste or flavor to the tomatoes which makes the recipe delicious.

Tips to Blanch Tomatoes:

Blanching requires perfection! If you blanch a tomato carelessly, you will damage the tomato as well as its taste. So the time blanching a tomato, try to focus on the tips given below:

  • If you want to blanch a large quantity of tomatoes, then you must divide them in batches evenly. In this way, all the tomatoes will be cooked properly
  • Peel and core the tomatoes before freezing them
  • In the refrigerator, you can store blanched tomatoes for 3 days. If you store them in the freezer, then the storage duration of them is 6 months approximately

Reasons to Blanch Tomatoes:

There are several reasons you will find for the question “Why to blanch tomatoes?”. Let’s discover why and how to blanch tomatoes to give a delicious flavor to your dishes:

To Peel Them Easily:

The skin of the tomato is very tight. If you try to remove the skin with the help of a knife, the structure of the tomato will be damaged or the juice will be wasted. As a result, it will not make your recipes delicious.

When you blanch a tomato, the heat loosens the skin of the tomato. In this way, you can easily peel off the skin. The blanching process is quite helpful for making tomato sauce, soup, etc.

To Preserve The Color And Flavor:

Enzymes are a very important factor in tomatoes. They keep the color or maintain their flavor. If the enzymes break down, it causes them to lose their flavor or color. If you want to store the tomatoes for a long time, try to blanch them because blanching is quite helpful in keeping the color or flavor sagely by saving the enzymes in them.

Reduce The Bitterness:

Solanine is a compound that is present in tomatoes. This compound gives a bitter taste to them. Solanine damages the taste of a recipe easily. This is the reason why, it is necessary to find out a way to remove the bitterness from them. Blanching is a process that helps to reduce solanine in tomatoes which makes them tasty.

Destroy Harmful Bacteria:

Want to eat raw tomatoes or store them for later use? It is necessary to kill the bacteria that are present on the surface of the tomato. Blanching is the only option that helps you in this regard. It helps to kill the bacteria that are dangerous for your health or can easily destroy the taste of your recipe.

How to Blanch Tomatoes to Remove Skin?

If you want to blanch tomatoes to remove the skin from tomatoes easily, you must follow these steps to make your work better:

  • Dip the tomatoes in water in a pot and wait for the water to boil
  • Make the X-shape cut on the bottom of the tomato using a sharp knife at the time when water is heating
  • Blanch the tomatoes by putting them in hot water carefully for a time until the skin starts to split away
  • When the skin splits away, put the tomatoes in ice water. This is good for keeping the color or flavor safe
  • By putting the tomatoes in cold water, you can easily remove the skin

How to Blanch Tomatoes for Sauce?

Want to increase the quality or flavor of your tomato sauce? You must blanch the tomatoes perfectly. If you don’t know how to blanch the tomatoes for sauce, follow the instructions to get fine results:

  • Use a large pot to boil the water for blanching the tomatoes
  • Put cold water in another pot
  • Blanch the tomato properly until the skin of the tomato loosen
  • To minimize the heating temperature of tomatoes, put them in ice water
  • Make puree using a blender or chop them to make your tomato sauce perfectly

How to Blanch Tomatoes for Freezing?

Blanching is a process that helps to make work easier by boiling them. This process saves the color or taste of tomatoes by saving enzymes in them. So if you want to freeze the different vegetables or fruits especially the tomatoes, blanch them.

Want to know how to blanch tomatoes for freezing? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Avoid overripe or damaged tomatoes
  • Use cold water to wash them thoroughly
  • Make a cross sign on the bottom of the tomato. This helps to remove the skin easily
  • Add a batch of tomatoes according to the water quantity
  • After blanching, cut the tomatoes into slices or puree
  • Use Plastic bags or containers to freeze them properly
  • Store them for 6 months in the freezer

How to Blanch Tomatoes for Canning?

You can store tomatoes in cans also, so you must know how to blanch tomatoes for canning. Try to use different tips to blanch the tomatoes properly for canning:

  • To cook evenly to a large quantity of tomatoes, blanch them in batches
  • Avoid overcooking the tomatoes
  • Don’t overfill the canning jars always keep a 1-2 inch empty space in the jar

How to Blanch Tomatoes to Peel?

Blanching tomatoes makes the peeling process easier. Try to manage the temperature to blanch them properly. If the tomatoes are unripe, then you can increase the blanching duration. This helps to peel them effectively.

People Also Ask

What Is the Purpose of Blanching a Tomato?

The main purpose of blanching tomatoes is to loosen the skin of the tomatoes so that you can peel them easily. It is on the other hand helpful for making different recipes, tomato soups, sauces etc.

Do You Salt the Water When Blanching Tomatoes?

Yes, adding salt to water is necessary to blanch tomatoes. Simply fill the pot and add ½ teaspoon salt in it then blanch the tomatoes for 30 seconds minimum. If they are overripe, you can even increase the boiling duration.

What Happens If You Don’t Blanch?

To freeze the vegetables, it is essential to blanch them because, by blanching, you can stop different enzyme actions that otherwise destroy the color, flavor, or texture of the vegetable.

10 Small Home Renovation Ideas

10 Small Home Renovation Ideas

It is challenging to find proper space for your belongings in a small old house. Renovation ideas for old homes are helpful in following different strategies to assemble the items in a way that occupies less space. Also, a small home gives a cozy feeling. But it is necessary to furnish your home following different small home renovation ideas to give it a wider look with different settings.

Luckily, there are different renovation ideas present here to make your home wider, brighter, or more luxurious.

Let’s get through these!

Use Lighter Tones

Going to renovate your small house? It is important to choose an appropriate color palette. Neutral colors are highly recommended to use while renovating your house. Sharp colors have a psychological impact on your mind and they are also not suitable for vision. They often give off a mysterious or intimate feeling. Selecting lighter or neutral colors provides a sense of calm or peacefulness.

If you want to give your eyes or mind a sense of peace or if you want to make your small house feel bigger, then you must paint the walls of your house with light colors. This is a trick that makes anyone believe that your house is bigger or newer. You just need to know how to use different colors. This small home renovation idea is budget-friendly and it provides a positive change to your living space.

Open Up Your Floor Plan

There are several renovation ideas for old homes you must consider while taking any step. Open-up floor plans are very helpful in creating more space in your small homes. This gives the feeling of a wider space in your home. It is necessary to remove extra walls from your home because these make it more congested. Removing extra walls gives your home a wider look.

Moreover, you can also make a single interior wall that connects your bedrooms. Using this trick takes less space or provides an expanded look to your small homes.

Utilize Your Storage Space

Small house renovation ideas are quite helpful for providing different plans for utilizing storage spaces effectively. Adding height is helpful in maximizing the storage space of your home. It is necessary to choose vertical decorative furnishing to give an aesthetic look to your homes. Tall wall shelf units are helpful in filling the dead wall area of your home properly.

Remember, vertical finishing provides a more spacious look or feel than other settings. Using a short or bulky finishing setting makes the area very populated and fills your home quickly.

Transform Your Home With Built-in-Shelving

Build-in-shelving is an attractive way to keep the items safe or to take up less space. The beauty of built-in shelving lies in its versatility. You can adapt the design to match your home’s style. For creating a focal point, try to paint them in a contrasting color for a minimalist look, and try to select a finished strategy that blends seamlessly with the room’s decor.

With small home renovation ideas like built-in shelving, you can make improvements to your home without breaking the bank. These additions perfectly optimize space, they even give a classic look to transform the room of your home into a functional and stylish oasis.

Revitalize Your Laundry

You must make a specific area for laundry. Choosing a room for laundry makes your home spacious. When you make a mudroom, especially for laundry, or design different shelves to keep the laundry items on them, this will help you keep this stuff to a specific side. In this way, your home will be clean or given a wider look by removing the bulky laundry stuff from it.

Moreover, making hoses and sinks are other facilities that can upgrade your laundry area as well as your old home. These renovation ideas for small homes breathe new life into your laundry room while preserving the living space in your home.

Wall Mount Your TV

Want to get more space in your small home? Try to mount the TV on the wall. By doing this, you can free up more space on the floor. As you know, a TV cabinet occupies a large space and makes the area narrow.

For this purpose, it is necessary to use different tricks to manipulate the eyes or minds of people. With the help of small home renovation ideas, you can choose an area where you can fix your TV on the wall. This action helps you maximize the home space or makes you able to use money elsewhere.

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Keep It Simple!

If you put piles of articles in your home without arranging them properly, they can fill up the space immediately, and your home will present a narrow look to you and others. This is the reason you must keep things simple. Simplicity is always admired everywhere and eases your problems as well. Try to stop collecting knickknacks because they take up more space. Choosing specific items is a great idea to free up the rush or maximize the precious living space.

Moreover, colors also play a vital role in this regard. Using neutral colors is good to give a clear or simple look to your home. If you want to give a vibrant look to your home, then you must use splashes of different colors. Color is such a strong weapon to give a peaceful or spacious feeling or it can make your home new without reconstructing it if it is used properly.

Transform or Unlock The Potentials Of The Kitchen

Is your kitchen very small or do you want to modify it due to the narrow space? By exploring small home renovation ideas, you can find the solution to your problem.

  • Design ceiling cabinets
  • Change its shape to free up the walkways
  • Add open shelves to get more space
  • Create a corner for appliances

Following these steps helps you design your kitchen in a manner that occupies a small space.

Elevate Your Bedroom With Loft

Renovation ideas for old homes are helpful in transforming your bedroom into a comfort zone. There are a lot of designs available to maximize the space in your small houses. To maintain the charm of your old homes, try to use recycled materials to design a loft structure. Always select furniture or decoration pieces that occupy less space.

Add vintage-inspired furniture and textiles for a touch of nostalgia. By implementing these modern home renovation ideas for old homes, you can design your bedroom with a loft that blends classic elegance and modern functionality.

Use Mirror To Expand The Space

Perhaps it is one of the oldest small home renovation ideas to use but at present still, it is an effective technique of placing mirrors around your house to give a wider look to a small home. It has another advantage of using mirrors in a small home including bright sunlight, fresh air, or ventilation, which can be lost in smaller homes. But using this trick is helpful in making your small home a heaven to live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Room To Renovate First?

Renovation experts reveal that the kitchen or bathroom are the two spaces in your house that need to be furnished first. No doubt it may cost you a lot to renovate your kitchen, but it will bring you results as well. Your kitchen will look like new for a long time if you invest with an open hand in it.

Where To Start Renovating Old House?

Whenever you plan to renovate a home, always prefer to look after plumbing, electricity, and heating issues first. Dealing with these problems will let you remodel the structure again and will reduce future problems as well.

With that, you should also prioritize flooring, walls, and ceiling renovations as well. Also, you need to work on the exterior look of your property. If you go through exterior home renovation ideas, you will easily do this without any trouble.


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